a_Ponte (from the Portuguese the_bridge) is a hub of ideas, organized and presented through this collaborative platform. We aim at building bridges, connecting geosciences with society. We want to help mediate conflicts and mitigate socio-environmental impacts arising from the mismanagement of the territory and its natural resources. 

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We produce and disseminate geoscientific [and socially relevant] content in accessible language. We seek, through the enhancement of local knowledge, to promote productive debates and to sew networks.

Here, we provide tools, knowledge and methodologies for the participation and involvement of people within their local realities as citizens aware of the environment surrounding them.

We understand that social and environmental awareness is not an immediate result of acquiring knowledge about natural processes. It is, in fact, a philosophical and political reflection, loaded with historical choices that result in the search for a sustainable society.

In this space, we have as pedagogical praxis a dialectical, reciprocal and horizontal relationship. We believe that education is a form of concrete action in the World, made by concrete subjects, based on a reflection upon reality, aiming at transforming it.

From here, we will build an education for social and environmental sustainability, for another possible World. We will ensure that the actions proposed here promote reflections, by civil society, universities, public authorities and the private sector, on their role in this construction.

We will be the compass that points to this new possible World

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